February 1, 2019

God's Answer to Satan's Bag of Tricks

Satan has a very small bag of tricks. The things in it are not evil in themselves but he loves to twist them to cause hurts, habits, and hang-ups in human hearts.

He loves to use: sex, materialism, relationships, time, and communication. If he can twist any one of them in your life, you're in for a struggle.

God only has one thing He uses to answer all of the above. You are saved by grace through faith. God's answer to all sin, hurts, habits, and hang-ups is GRACE

You can learn more about spiritual warfare and defeating the enemy in Celebrate Recovery

What is CR?

  • A crash course in discipleship
  • A life-style of following Christ
  • A tried and proven methodology to help people stop trying and start trusting
  • A safe place for you to begin celebrating recovery of your life from any sort of hurt, habit, or hang-up.